A Turtle Takes Flight

At night I look out and see lights glowing from hundreds of windows. I also see those seeking shelter on the streets with no place to call home. In these difficult times, we are all seeking a light in the dark, a glowing and warm window into the future. Much like the northern map turtle whose natural habitat — the Saint Lawrence River — is becoming increasingly inhabitable, many lives are now precarious and uncertain. A Turtle Takes Flight is a giant lantern puppet that seeks to carry our dreams towards a future that is brighter for every living creature.

Shell Dimensions: 130 cm (length), 80 cm (width), 48 cm (height) Made from reed, zip ties, LED lights, and recycled fabric.

First presented at 8e édition du OUF! festival OFF Casteliers, Montréal (QC) 2021 and received the FAR Award.


A Turtle Takes Flight will be performing at the 5e édition de Le FAR Festival des arts de ruelle on September 11, 2021.