The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things (2019) is a three channel synchronized video installation exploring narratives that we associate, rekindle, expect, and discover from paraphernalia.

Length: 3 minutes.

Performed by Louis-Félix D’Amours.

Bonjour Hi. Excuse me, can you please remove your bag and leave it at the door. There are too many teacups to break. What can I do for you? Are you looking for anything in particular? No, just looking, eh? Are you from out of town? Oh, how lovely. Yes, well, take a look around. I apologize for the mess, I was reorganizing the back here. A lovely young man came in yesterday afternoon and helped me move that dresser from that corner to the front and replaced that desk to over there. Back and forth we went. Oh, do you like that? Yes, it’s a powder box. Yes, lovely tune. No, no. Ok. See anything else that you like? But of course. Yes, here we are. Oh, ok. Would you mind, dear? My back has been out all afternoon. Thank you. Where did you say you were from? And how long are you here for? One of my students is also from there. Yes, I rent out to students. Lovely people. Always coming and going. Yes, and never any rest. And wouldn’t believe it, it has been so quiet today. Oh lord, just dead on the streets. Yes, it is very cold out and… Oh, alright. Take care then. Bye bye.