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Directing & Facilitation


With an extensive background in theatre performance, I have directed and collaborated on a number of projects including one act plays, devised physical theatre, puppetry theatre, video art and short films. I am a passionate storyteller who seeks to explore narratives that bring to light diverse voices with compassion and curiosity. 

My work has been presented at the 2015 Nextfest Festival (Edmonton, AB), Playworks Festival 2014 & 2015 (Edmonton), Paprika Festival 2016 (Toronto, ON), Rendevous with Madness Film Festival 2017 (Toronto, ON), Vous Êtes Ici Festival 2021 (Montréal, QC) and the Prague Quadrennial of Performance and Spatial Design (2019 and 2023). 


I have facilitated multiple workshops both online and in person. I can provide workshops in puppetry making and performing, lantern making, toy theatre making, arts and crafts, and drama for youth.