One step at a time…

A young adult with blond hair and bangs peers over notebook. Hand holding a pen. Text reads Masters of Performance Design I am moving to Cardiff Wales The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama September 2022
Photo by Alex Tran Photography

In September 2022 I will be attending the The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama’s (RWCMD) Master of Arts program in Design for Performance program specialising in puppetry (located in Cardiff, Wales, UK). This is a two year program that provides both academic studies at the masters level and prepares individuals for the professional technical arts in theatre, film, television, opera and live entertainment. The degree is awarded by the University of South Wales. During the two years I will engage in internships with leading professional companies in the industry. I will also be involved in productions within the college and will have the opportunity to work with professional directors and design mentors.

My thesis will focus on “ecoscenography” (see Tanya Beer website for further information at ) within puppetry and object based performance; specifically, I will be exploring how we can develop empathy for the non-anthropocentric through material practices and object performance/storytelling as well as how entertainment industries can embrace a more ecological sustainable practice. This thesis will be presented at the end of the two year program at the college’s annual Final Exhibition that is presented in both Cardiff, Wales and London, England to directors, producers, and leading designers.

I am a passionate multidisciplinary storyteller and my goal is to become a designer, creator and leader in live and recorded entertainment. Puppetry has become a lead character in my creative path as I think in big pictures and fall deep into world-building. I find joy in supporting and collaborating with others and through my involvement with Clay and Paper Theatre (Toronto, ON) I discovered how working with other artists and the broader community brings big ideas to life. For the past three years I have considered where I could continue my education, elevate my skills to the highest level and launch my career. I now recognize that the calibre in which I wish to create and learn cannot be found in a specific program in Canada. This is why I applied to the RWCMD and I am confident that in this program I will thrive academically and be able to passionately pursue puppetry and multidisciplinary storytelling.